About Us

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a gospel-centered church that makes mature disciple-makers in the Valley for the glory of God

Our Values

High Participation

When you put excellence over participation, then you typically focus on a small group of already-equipped disciples to do all the ministry in the church, and their level of excellence makes it difficult for others to easily participate in meaningful roles. However, because we value high participation among all church members, this means that we include many in our Sunday service and church programs with a high value on training these growing disciples. We believe that high participation and ownership with ongoing practice and training eventually leads to both participation AND excellence.

Journey Toward Jesus

Discipleship means knowing Jesus more, loving Jesus more, and obeying Jesus more. Rather than trying to get everyone to arrive at a certain set of beliefs and behaviors, we celebrate each person’s unique journey toward Jesus. Our focus is to help people form their identity in Christ in the context of community and then trust the Holy Spirit to guide each person and family on their unique discipleship journey.

Nobody on the Sidelines

According to the Bible, pastors are not called to do all the ministry in the church. They are called to equip the believers for the work of ministry. Every single person in the church is called to minister to others by the power of the Holy Spirit. We emphasize the relational “one another” commands in the New Testament as our goal for evangelism, discipleship, and community. Instead of pastors doing all the ministry to the people. We train our people to minister to one another.

Biblical Preaching that Moves People

We preach through books of the Bible with a commitment to draw the emphasis of our sermon from the emphasis that the biblical author made to his original audience. We believe that the sermon should be less of an information-heavy lecture and more of a simple, persuasive gospel call to action from God’s Word.

Unified Diversity

We celebrate how the gospel has united diverse people into one family in Christ. From the early days of RCC, we have sought to encourage all types of diversity – language, ethnicity, age, and income. We honor people’s differences and expect them to follow Jesus based on their own unique makeup rather than trying to have all disciples follow the values of one culture. As an outpost of the upside-down kingdom of God, we don’t just allow those who are lesser in the world to attend our services, but we look for ways for them to lead and help shape the church.

Love Thy Neighborhood

We encourage everyone at RCC to make disciples in their spheres of influence – family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors, but we also recognize that God has given us an incredible opportunity to engage the neighborhood surrounding our church building. So, we hope and pray to make many disciples in our neighborhood through friendship, service, and celebration. We want to be such a blessing to our neighborhood that if our church ever moved from this location, then the whole neighborhood would mourn.

Creativity for the Kingdom

God is the ultimate storyteller and divine artist. At RCC, we believe artists tend to have a prophetic pulse on the heart of the community, so we want to unleash them to think outside the box and be creative in a way that honors the culture of the Valley, forms people in the gospel, and brings glory to God.